Westmorland Caravans (Meathop) Ltd.

Meathop Caravan Park


Cumbria   LA11  6RB

Q1- What is your season?

Our open season is from 8:00am March 1st  to  8:00pm October 31st. But you still have access during the closed months, just no overnight staying as the water is drained off for winter. Each yearly contract, starts with a £100 deposit by 31st October, and is from 8:00am 1st November until 8:00pm 31st October the following year, this  includes the winter storage. If no £100 deposit is taken by 31st October, the plot and contract are void, and the site must be vacated. If your caravan is on site on the 1st March, you will be charged for a years rent.


Q2- What are your costs?

Our Pitch Fee and Service Charge, is based on length of the caravan. Caravans up to 33 foot long are charged at £48/foot  (+VAT),  caravans over 33 foot long are charged at  £47/foot (+VAT) these are paid before 1st March each year . Rates are approx £230 /  year, paid before the end of May. The Electric is read towards the end of season, paid by the end of October. (prices as of 2015 tariff). If bills are left unpaid, an additional costs will be added. Costs are plus VAT unless otherwise stated. The rent is for the area the caravan occupies, and nothing else. Please note if we have to persistently chase you for non payment of bills, you will be asked to remove your caravan from the site. It is unfair on those who do pay on time. This very very rarely happens.

Q3- I am leaving my existing caravan park, can I site my caravan on your site?

Usually no. Empty pitches are for New caravans purchased through ourselves. But contact us anyway, we might have an offer on....


Q4 -What caravan can I buy?

The type and style of each van is the buyers choice. All our new plots are usually built for 12 foot wide, 35 foot long caravans minimum, and 38-42 foot long maximum, dependent on plot. If there is a big plot, we would not put a small caravan on it, but a size that compliments the pitch size.


Q5 - Who are your main dealers?

Our main dealers for new caravans, in the area are....

Kendal Caravans. 01539 823659               Lake Coast and Dale leisure. Tel: 01524 727950





Q6 - What is the brief procedure for buying a caravan?

All caravans are purchased through ourselves, Westmorland Caravans (Meathop) Ltd. The price at the dealers is the price through us. All monies, including the 10% initial caravan deposit, and final balance, are payable to Westmorland Caravans (Meathop) Ltd.  We organize the purchase, the delivery, the siteing, inspection, and connection to gas and electric (both Gas Safe certificated engineers), water and waste connection. The charge for all the siteing and connection to services is £1500 (2012 Tariff). Extras and transport costs are set by the dealer. When the caravan is ready, an itemized bill is drawn up and presented.


Q7 - Do you have an age limit on caravans?

NO, all we ask is that the caravan is maintained to a c lean and tidy condition. If we think that the condition is a bit "weathered", damp, rusting and rotten, and not up to the site standard, a polite letter is usually sent out. While some sites have a 10 or 12 year rule, we do not, but we would say, after 20 to 25 years, you should be thinking of a replacement. The weather, especially the winters, do take their toll. If the caravan is too far gone, a dealer could charge approx £450 (2015) for safe removal, possibly much higher. If the dealer will not take the caravan, as it is too far rotten and unsafe for transport, the van will have to be dismantled and recycled on-site, costing approx £800 (2015). We can sort things out by a quick chat, hopefully long before this happens.


Q8 - What have you for sale?

On this web site, we have a  look at the "For Sale” page".  This has all we have on offer at the moment, both second hand and empty plots. pictures when applicable. We do try and update this area as soon as possible. Please be aware that empty plots are primarily for new caravans.


Q9 - Do you have a waiting list?

We don't hold a waiting list as such. All we can do is to try and update this site as soon as possible, usually within a day or so of a plot or caravan becoming available, and answer any questions you might have by email.


Q10 - Do you allow dogs?

Dogs are welcome as long as they are kept under control at all times. We have a large wood that dogs love, and a field for running around in. We just ask that owners always clean up after their dogs wherever they are, especially in the field as children play there, always kept on a lead while on the park, off lead while in the field and wood. Noisy or uncontrolled dogs will not be allowed on the park.


Q11 - Can we have Decking and Sheds?

Any decking structure, patio, sheds, fencing, gates or any building work of any kind, must be sanctioned and approved by the company. A quick word first might suffice, but a drawing and plan of what you intend is always best. Decking is becoming very popular and has its own problems, especially in close proximity to a neighbour. It is classed as a permanent rigid structure to the caravan / holiday home, thus increasing the Pitch area. This is charged at a lesser rate to the van, at £2 per square foot + vat. Please be aware of the impact and the view that other caravan owners will have on what you are proposing. i.e, no sheds etc in direct line of another caravans front window. We have access to a very good decking builder, who is contracted to many caravan parks in the area, and knows the current legislation on building in the caravan parks. But we must insist, that before are work is started, the plans must be submitted. Otherwise, the structure might have to be removed. Decking and sheds etc. must not be concreted in, but free standing. Sheds must be made fast by screwing down to a suitable flagged base. If in doubt, ask first.


Q12 - Who can stay in my caravan?

Anyone can stay in your van, family and friends. But no sub letting is allowed, i.e. you must not, in any way, charge for letting others use your caravan. If you are found to be sub-letting, you will be asked to leave the site permanently as soon as possible. The caravan owner is solely responsible for the conduct and behaviour of anyone, visiting or staying in the caravan. This includes noisy and unruly children, and nuisance pets.



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